Engineering is important at Bedlington Academy as many of the careers in our local commmunity are linked to the engineering sector.

Engineering is a challenging subject that requires a wide range of skills from the core subjects of English, maths and science. It gives students a wide range of transferable skills that they can apply to other subjects, further education and career paths such as problem-solving and communication.

Course overview

Component 1 sees students investigate solutions to engineering problems set by the exam board including:

  • improving the design of an existing product
  • testing materials and evaluating outcomes
  • interpreting data to improve product quality.

Component 2 develops key engineering practical and technical skills, such as research, observation, measurement, making, using computer-aided design and manufacture (3D design and 3D printing) as well as disassembly, inspection and re-assembly of an engineered product.

Component 3 focuses on engineering sectors (mechanical, electrical/electronic and engineering design) and the interrelation of each within industry when designing and manufacturing components and products. Students explore job roles that are available within each sector and fully understand the demands and responsibilities of modern engineers.

I enjoy learning about cars and bikes and how engineering is used in the real world.
Year 11 student

Potential career paths and further study

There are many different sectors in the engineering industry, which give students a lot of options when choosing a career path.

Popular options include engineering work in the mechanical, software, biomedical, chemical, environmental and electrical fields which offers a variety of challenging and diverse work opportunities. Engineers can work anywhere in the world and are needed everywhere.

The salary that comes with a career in engineering is a definite plus. Becoming an engineer takes a high level of skill and dedication, so it makes sense that an engineer’s salary reflects these commitments.