Of all the subjects within the curriculum, it could be argued that without an understanding of English, a student would struggle to access other subjects. Indeed, there is no area of study that English and the communication skills honed while studying English do not influence.

The ability to read and search for the deeper meaning within a text is a skill that is transferable across the curriculum. To write you have to read, and to really read you have to think, criticise, doubt, analyse, debate and interpret. Reading allows us to think about how words, sentences, characters and plots reveal who we are as people.

The written word can be used to persuade, to express emotion, or simply for enjoyment. Literature not only serves as a way to enrich our minds, it is a chance to enlighten a person and gives us a chance to broaden our horizons and perspectives. All literature shares the common theme of the idea, ideas which explore, probe, inquire and inspire; literature can teach us about the past, the present and even the future.

What has been happening in the department recently? 
We strive to engender a love of reading and writing in and outside our classrooms. Our students have had great success in a number of writing competitions through Young Writers. We also have a number of published authors and poets, whose work has been included in The Poetry Games, Wonderland and Grave Beginnings anthologies.

Each year we also work closely with the library to run Readathon and celebrate World Book Day in as creative a way as possible.   

The books we read in English make us think about how we behave with each other and often make us want to be better people.
Year 8 student

Potential career options and further study

English students have to be good communicators, which is a valuable skill in every walk of life but even more so in careers where you have to deal with people. The widespread demand for good communication skills means English offers a lot of potential career paths such as a career in media and journalism or advertising. 

Juggling opposing viewpoints and handling complex arguments is what we do in English all of the time and this is what work in the public sector is all about. Or what about marketing and PR where the way words and images influence people are key and are something English students think about all of the time - every organisation needs a marketing presence.

Those who study English at a more advanced level and beyond are also likely to develop many of the skills required for a career in law and the legal sector where attention to detail and the ability to make sense of complex written material is key.

English makes you think about the world and about the society we live in.
Year 10 student