Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

The subject is important within the curriculum as it gives students the opportunity to learn about and discuss a wide range of real world topics in a safe environment. The subject tackles the four main forms of development from birth until elderly age and gives students a real insight into what happens in terms of development throughout these age ranges but also life events. Students gain knowledge of legislation, types of support that can be accessed as well as what the caring profession is about.

Course overview

Component 1- Human lifespan development

In this component, you will study how people grow and develop over the course of their life, from infancy to old age, this includes physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and the different factors that may affect them.

Component 2 - Health and social care service values

This component will give you an understanding of health and social care services and will help you develop skills in applying care values that are common across the sector (some of which are transferable to other sectors that involve interactions with clients or customers).

Component 3 - Health and wellbeing

In this component, you look at the factors that can have a positive or negative influence on a person’s health and wellbeing. You will learn to interpret physiological and lifestyle indicators, and what they mean for someone’s state of health. You will learn how to use this information to design an appropriate plan for improving someone’s health and wellbeing, including short- and long-term targets. Additionally, you will explore the difficulties an individual may face when trying to make these changes.

What has been happening in the department recently?

Students recently took part in a health and social care subject enhancement course with Newcastle University.

Health and social care students visited local SEND school and residential care homes to support coursework.

I enjoy this subject because it is something I want to use in the future. At the moment I would like to work as a nurse in the future and would need this subject.
Year 10 student

Potential career paths and further study

The subject lends itself to a wide range of careers such as nursing, midwifery, caring, social and support work and is well recognised by universities as a strong BTEC to have. The subject is enjoyed by students as they have the opportunity to consider a range of current topics and discuss these in detail, there are also often subject areas that students are able to relate to on a personal level.