Language impacts our lives every single day and allows us to express our thoughts and beliefs. Studying a second language not only provides you with the opportunity to experience different cultures and to develop as a citizen of the world, but also helps to improve your communication skills in your first language. 

Learning a language is an exciting experience where you take part in a wide variety of tasks, on a number of different topics and, when you try your hardest, you can very quickly see a big improvement in what you are able to do. This makes it an excellent subject to study to help you to improve a variety of academic skills.

What has been happening in the department recently?

The French department has been working hard to ensure that all students are provided with a well-rounded curriculum which prepares students for the demands of speaking a language.

We recently welcomed a group of Year 5 students from local primary schools into the department as part of the school’s 5 Star project. Over the course of three weeks, the group developed their reading and speaking and listening skills by completing a variety of tasks on some of the topics which are typically covered in Year 7.

In lessons we do lots of activities and we get to work in groups and speak in French.
Year 7 student

Potential career paths and further study

The value of languages is increasing as businesses and communities forge links across the globe and therefore the requirement for confident linguists is also on the rise. 

Studying a language could, therefore, be a benefit when applying to universities or jobs in the future.

I like languages because in the future I would like to travel and learning another language will really help me with this.
Year 10 student