Extra curricular clubs and activities

Whether you’re a budding scientist, musician or actor, there is a club for you at Bedlington Academy. Clubs don't just revolve around sports and performing arts either, with a wide range of exciting activities available for everyone all happening under one roof!

Activity Day Time Location
Choir/Musical Theatre Tuesday 3-4pm Music Room
Band Thursday 3-4pm Music Room
Lego (Y7) All week 3-4pm SPA
Debate Tuesday 3-4pm G2.4
Computing club (Y7&8) Monday 3-4pm F4.5
Reading Tuesday 3-4pm G1.6
Film Tuesday 3-4pm G1.2
Anime Tuesday 3-4pm G1.2
Board games Thursday lunchtime F1.5
Dance Thursday 3-4pm Drama studio
Year 7 and 8 boys' football Tuesday 3-4pm G1.5
Year 9 and 10 boys' football Thursday 3-4pm Astro
Year 11 boys' football Wednesday 3-4pm Astro
Year 7 and 8 girls' football Thursday 3-4pm Astro
Year 11 fitness  Monday/Thursday lunchtime Fitness Suite
Year 9-11 girls' fitness Monday  3-4pm Fitness Suite
Year 9-11 boys' fitness Thursday  3-4pm Fitness Suite
Year 7 and 8 netball Tuesday 3-4pm Sports Hall
Year 9 and 10 netball Thursday 3-4pm Sports Hall
Year 9 and 10 badminton Tuesday 3-4pm Sports Hall
STEM Thursday 3-4pm F3.4
History Tuesday lunchtime F2.4
CCF Thursday 3-5pm Main Hall
Art Tuesday 3-4pm G2.6
Fishing Monday 3-4pm G1.6
Cooking Monday 3-4pm G3.4
Geography Thursday 3-4pm F2.5
Spanish (Year 7 and 8) Monday 3-4pm F4.2
Breakfast Club All week 8:15-8:50 Technology area (G3.4)