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Congratulations to students and staff on working together to achieve yet another impressive set of GCSE and A level results.

2020 GCSE and A level results

The government has suspended the performance tables for the academic year 2019-2020. Our school carefully prepared centre assessed grades for our students in Year 11 and 13. This process was rigorous and based on a large body of evidence.

Analysis of these grades showed that our school has much to be proud of. Overall, pupils made strong and significant progress and achieved high standards building on results from 2019. 

We celebrate the achievements of all of our pupils and with them every good fortune on their continued journey in education or employment.

2019 GCSE results

  1. Attainment 8 score = 43.93
  2. Progress 8 score = +0.26
  3. Percentage of students achieving a strong pass (Grades 9-5) in English and mathematics is 29%
  4. Percentage of pupils entered for the English baccalaureate = 4%. To be entered for the EBACC a pupil must have entered 8 GCSEs or equivalents across 5 subject ‘pillars’; English Language and English literature, maths, sciences, a language and then history or geography.
  5. The EBACC attainment measure is the average point score achieved in the EBacc across the 5 pillars. This is 5.21 for those who entered the EBACC and 3.43 for all pupils.
  6. In 2018, 99% of students went on to full-time education, employment or training
  7. 2% of students achieved the EBACC qualification

In addition, parents may find the following data useful -

  • The percentage of students achieving a pass (Grades 9-4) in both English and mathematics is 51%.
  • In maths, the percentage of students achieving grade 9-7 is 7.6%, 9-5 is 33% and 9-4 is 58.5%.
  • In English (Language or Literature) the percentage of students achieving grade 9-7 is 16%. Grades 9-5 is 55.6% and grades 9-4 is 71.7%.
  • In science, 61.3% of pupils achieved grades 9-4 in 2 science subjects. 38.6% achieved grades 9-5 in 2 science subjects.
  • Students achieved 5 grade 9’s.
  • 13% of all grades were achieved at grade 7 and above.
  • 5% of all grades were achieved at grade 8 and above.

The percentage of students achieving English AND/OR maths is 43% at grade 9-5 and 79% at grade 9-4. This is not a meaningful statistic but is being quoted on various platforms and is misleading.

2019 A level results 

Find information on A level performance for the 2018/19 academic year from our performance table below.

Ofsted report 

Bedlington Academy became a new school in 2018 and has not been inspected as an academy.