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In 2018, our GCSE and A level results were our best ever, placing us in the top three schools in Northumberland! Our GCSE results are detailed below, for our A-level results, please visit our sixth form section of the website.

  1. Attainment 8 score = 43.93
  2. Progress 8 score = +0.26
  3. Percentage of students achieving a strong pass (Grades 9-5) in English and mathematics is 29%
  4. Percentage of pupils entered for the English baccalaureate = 4%. To be entered for the EBACC a pupil must have entered 8 GCSEs or equivalents across 5 subject ‘pillars’; English Language and English literature, maths, sciences, a language and then history or geography.
  5. The EBACC attainment measure is the average point score achieved in the EBacc across the 5 pillars. This is 5.21 for those who entered the EBACC and 3.43 for all pupils.
  6. In 2018, 99% of students went on to full-time education, employment or training
  7. 2% of students achieved the EBACC qualification

In addition, parents may find the following data useful -

  • The percentage of students achieving a pass (Grades 9-4) in both English and mathematics is 51%.
  • In maths, the percentage of students achieving grade 9-7 is 7.6%, 9-5 is 33% and 9-4 is 58.5%.
  • In English (Language or Literature) the percentage of students achieving grade 9-7 is 16%. Grades 9-5 is 55.6% and grades 9-4 is 71.7%.
  • In science, 61.3% of pupils achieved grades 9-4 in 2 science subjects. 38.6% achieved grades 9-5 in 2 science subjects.
  • Students achieved 5 grade 9’s.
  • 13% of all grades were achieved at grade 7 and above.
  • 5% of all grades were achieved at grade 8 and above.

The percentage of students achieving English AND/OR maths is 43% at grade 9-5 and 79% at grade 9-4. This is not a meaningful statistic but is being quoted on various platforms and is misleading.

Ofsted report 

Bedlington Academy became a new school in 2018 and has not been inspected as an academy.