At Key Stage 5, art is about nurturing and developing the emerging artist, encouraging independence and visual communication. Students continue to explore, in greater depth, processes, media and the context of art in societies - past and present. Students become practitioners, understanding how research influences and informs their personal creative journeys.


Learning outcomes

  • Investigative, analytical, experimental, practical, creative and intuitive capabilities across a broad range of media
  • Independence in developing, refining and communicating their own ideas and personal outcomes


Topics taught

  • Alternative approaches to drawing
  • Critical studies
  • Introduction to personal investigation





Learning outcomes

  • Understanding how research informs practice
  • Development of the creative process and sustaining an investigation with purpose to resolve a line of enquiry


Topics taught

  • Personal investigation, including a written element
  • Externally Set Assignment (from February)



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It's amazing when you have one of those 'wow' moments when you're experimenting. Suddenly everything falls into place. We love having our own space to work in, it makes a huge difference to how we keep our creative journey going.
Year 13 student