Art - A level

Art A level offers the opportunity for you to broaden your experience in a wider variety of material. You will have the chance to paint and draw, use 3D materials and ceramics, explore graphic, computer and fashion design including creating textiles using machine stitch, weave and Batik. You will also study photography and use our new dark room as well as learn about digital photography and image manipulation.

A level art requires self-discipline, creativity and enthusiasm. You will be encouraged to use your imagination to develop ideas in response to topics. You will also be required to carry out research and collect information independently in the form of sketch-books, photographs, notes and analytical drawings.

Projects will require you to work in the community, visit exhibitions, museums and galleries.

Allocated lessons will also be devoted to developing key skills and gain an understanding of the context of art.

What skills do I need?

Students who do well in this subject have typically achieved a grade C or above in GCSE art and design. You will need a broad base of practical skills and the confidence to experiment with a wide variety of materials. A good understanding of ICT is desirable to manipulate images and carry out thorough research.

How is the course graded?

The two year course is split - 60% coursework ‘personal study’, including a 3000-word essay and 40% external set exam with a 15-hour controlled assessment

You will be expected to produce a collection of materials and submit these in the form of a portfolio.

For each unit you must complete an extended project of work based on a project theme or issue which demonstrates your ability to sustain work from an initial starting point to a final conclusion.

What is next for me after this course?

Gaining A level art and design can lead to further study or exciting careers. The course develops confidence in ideas, opinion and creativity required for employment outside of an arts specialism.