Business studies - A level

Business studies provides students with a unique insight into the world of work. Through its study, students will discover how businesses operate and learn about their key elements and essential business functions.

What will I learn?

A level business studies will develop your enthusiasm for studying business by gaining an holistic understanding of business in a range of contexts.

During the course you will develop a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants and understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives.

You will be encouraged to generate enterprising and creative approaches to business opportunities, problems and issues and become aware of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals. 

You will acquire a range of relevant business and generic skills, including decision making, problem solving, the challenging of assumptions and critical analysis and apply numerical skills in a range of business contexts.

.Business Studies is a subject we should all learn as it helps us understand the wider world of industry, commerce and how technology is having a wider impact on us as consumers and business organisations.
Ross Thain, Year 13

What skills do I need?

There is no prerequisite to have studied business before, although this would obviously be an advantage.

You will need to work hard in lesson time to cover the content needed. You will also need to complete independent study around the topics. You will need to have good written communication skills and be well organised.

How is the course graded?

The course is graded A to E and will be achieved at the end of Year 13.

The themes are:

Theme 1 - Marketing and people
Theme 2 - Managing business activities
Theme 3 - Business decisions and strategy
Theme 4 - Global business

AS Exam

Paper 1: Marketing and people - 50% of AS grade

Paper 2: Managing business activities - 50% of AS grade

If students wish to carry this subject through to the full A level, these results will not be counted in final qualification result.

A Level Exam

Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses 35% of total A level qualification

Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy 35% of total A level qualification

Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment 30% of total A level qualification

What is next for me after this course?

Students can progress from this qualification to higher education courses such as business management, business administration, accountancy and finance, human resource management, marketing, retail management, tourism management and international business.

The course also offers a route into a wide range of careers ranging from banking, sales, product management and general management to working in public sector organisations or charities.

Business studies has allowed me to understand personal finance and this will be a huge benefit to me in the future. I feel that it has really prepared me for higher education.
Liam Scott, Year 13