Drama and theatre

Drama allows students to explore their creative and artistic abilities, whilst developing a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through the nature of the course, students will build on self-discipline, confidence and teamwork to learn how to interpret, research and problem-solve.

Students will see a range of theatre with many of our students having the opportunity to visit Broadway and the West End. Our sixth form has previously on programmes such as the National Theatre Connections, which offers fantastic opportunities for students to be able to access professional environments and learn from people currently working in the field. 




Learning outcomes

New Course offered from September 2020.

Students will be introduced to range of theatre practitioners and styles prior to applying stylistic qualities of a chosen practitioner to performance material. Students will learn how to interpret themes within performance text in order to devise new theatre from a stimulus set by the exam board. As well as devising, students will experiment with a range of performance texts, building upon key skills in order to engage the audience through performing or design. Throughout the practical rehearsal process, students will keep a portfolio which will demonstrate the development of rehearsal stages as well as evaluate own work and the work of others.

Topics taught

Theatre Workshop 

Text in Performance 

Text in Action




Learning outcomes

Current course BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Performing Arts.

Students will investigate the work of and explore contextual factors of performing arts practitioners developing research, critical analysis and extended writing skills. They will understand the role and skills of a performer, develop their live performance skills applying techniques and skills in selected styles and review and reflect their development. Students will interpret and respond to stimulus realising creative ideas for a group performance and develop and apply skills and techniques for variety performance.

Topics taught

  • Unit 1 – Investigation Practitioners Work
  • Unit 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques for live performance
  • Unit 3 – Group Performance Workshop
  • Unit 28 – Variety Performance


Link to exam specification


Eduqas A Level Drama Specification

BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts Specification