Performing arts

Performing arts - Level 3 Cambridge technical

What will I learn?

In Year 12 students will explore skills for performance, planning for an event and actual performance, focusing on their specific strengths and interests. A2 students will learn about employment opportunities in the performing arts as well as advanced performance and production practices. Students will be encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of the performing arts sectors with the aim to prepare students for further study or training in performing arts and related occupations. Students will also develop appropriate materials such as portfolios, showreels, photos or audition pieces.

What skills do I need?

  • Students will develop their skills, technique and work attitudes to a standard that allows progression to further training or work.
  • Apply working methods used by professionals as individuals and in teams as well as with audiences and examiners.
  • Independently explore through creative and reflective experimentation how meaning is communicated.
  • Emphasise practical independence, self-management and improving performance over time.

How is the course graded?

You will be encouraged to demonstrate your skills and talent by being assessed in practical ways with no written exams. You will be assessed solely through portfolio and performance by your teacher and an external examiner. Your work will be moderated by a visiting moderator.

What is next for me after this course?

The GCE in performing arts qualifies for UCAS points, once successfully completed you are able to study for a degree or BTEC Higher National Diploma in performing arts. You could also go onto relevant employment.