Exam information

Please find the examination boards for all of our core subjects and option subjects for each year group in Key Stage 4 and Post-16.

A message from Dr Jo Saxton, Ofqual Chief Regulator:

"Dear students,

In my job as Chief Regulator of qualifications, I get to meet many students, teachers and parents from different parts of the country. Speaking to students like you, who are getting ready for formal exams and assessments, it’s clear to me that you want life to get back to normal and that you would like as much certainty about what is going to happen as possible.

For that reason the exam boards have, this week, published for you ‘advance information’ on their websites. This is subject by subject, specification by specification, specific outlines of the focus of questions across many of your summer exams. We’ve added a tool on our website which shows you what is available for each subject.

These materials are just one of the ways we are working to make sure that, despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, your exams and formal assessments are less daunting.

You will also get formulae sheets for GCSE maths exams and updated equation sheets for GCSE physics and combined science exams, so you won’t have to memorise as much.

As well as advance information and formulae sheets, you will be supported by generous grading, which will provide you with a safety-net to protect you from just missing out on a grade.

We will also publish videos, infographics and other materials to help those of you who have been prevented from ever sitting a formal exam, to know what that feels like.

You can find more information at the following official sources:

Best wishes,

Dr Jo Saxton Ofqual Chief Regulator "