Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

The subject is important within the curriculum as it gives students the opportunity to learn about and discuss a wide range of real-world topics in a safe environment.

The subject tackles the four main forms of development from birth until elderly age and gives students a real insight into what happens in terms of development throughout these age ranges but also life events. Students gain knowledge of legislation, types of support that can be accessed as well as what the caring profession is about.  

The Health and Social Care curriculum enables learners to:  

  • actively engage in the processes of health and social care to develop as effective and independent learners;  
  • understand aspects of personal development, and the health, social care and early years sectors, through investigation and evaluation of a range of services and organisations;  
  • develop a critical and analytical approach to problem-solving within the health, social care and early years sectors;  
  • examine issues which affect the nature and quality of human life, including an appreciation of diversity and cultural issues.