Business studies

We want our students to develop as enterprising individuals with the ability to think commercially and creatively, demonstrate business acumen, and draw on evidence to make informed business decisions and solve business problems. A sound understanding of business concepts will help students develop as effective, independent critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. Using an enquiring, critical approach will empower students to make informed judgments, understand and play an active role in the business world that surrounds them.

Business at Bedlington Academy is an immersive experience, exposing students to the main activities that will need to happen to support a start-up business, and what the key factors are to consider when starting up a business in the first topic. In the second topic, students will develop the skills to design a business proposal to meet a specific business challenge. They will identify a customer profile for a specific product, complete market research to generate product design ideas, and use financial calculations to propose a pricing strategy and determine the viability of their product proposal. In the third topic, learners will develop the skills to create a brand identity and promotional plan for their specific business product proposal developed in the second topic. They will develop pitching skills in order to pitch their business proposal to an external audience. Finally, they will review their pitching skills and business proposal using their learning, self-assessment and feedback gathered. 

As well as following the curriculum, students will be encouraged to read for pleasure, experiencing a diverse range of literature as a platform for exploring new ideas, developing critical thinking skills, and learning more about the world around them.  

Curriculum information

The curriculum enables students to:   

  • Know and understand business concepts, business terminology, business objectives, the integrated nature of business activity and the impact of business on individuals and wider society.   

  • Apply knowledge and understanding to contemporary business issues and to different types and sizes of businesses in local, national, and global contexts.   

  • Develop as enterprising individuals with the ability to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen, and draw on evidence to make informed business decisions and solve business problems.   

  • Develop as effective and independent students, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.  

  • Use an enquiring, critical approach to make informed judgments.   

  • Investigate and analyse real business opportunities and issues to construct well-argued, well-evidenced, balanced and structured arguments, demonstrating their depth and breadth of understanding of business.   

  • Develop and apply quantitative skills relevant to business, including using and interpreting data.

Students enjoy business because it is varied, fast-paced and fun. Every student is inspired to believe in their potential and to aim high. We live in a corporate world and the markets operate around us constantly. Because of this, business is a universal subject. There are few, if any, careers for which an understanding of business would not be of some benefit and 1.44 million new business applications were submitted in 2021. We have devised our business curriculum with this in mind, students acquire a grounding towards knowledge, skills and understanding that they would need if embarking upon their own business journey. 







LO1: Understand how to target a market. 


LO2: Understand what makes a product or service financially viable.   


LO3: Understand product development. 



LO4: Understand how to attract and retain customers. 


LO5: Understand factors for consideration when starting up a business. 


LO6 Understand different functional activities needed to support a business start-up. 


LO1: Be able to identify the customer profile for a business challenge. 


LO2: Be able to complete market research to aid decisions relating to a business challenge. 




LO3: Be able to develop a design proposal for a business challenge.    


LO4: Be able to review whether a business proposal is viable. 


LO5: Understand factors for consideration when starting up a business. 


LO1: Be able to develop a brand identity and promotional plan to target a customer profile. 


LO2: Be able to plan a pitch for a proposal. 


LO3: Be able to pitch a proposal to an audience. 


LO4: Be able to review the strengths and weaknesses of a proposal and pitch. 


I love Business Studies because it allows me to think about all of the things I need to know and consider before setting up my own business. I plan on building my own business from scratch and I now know about the financial, marketing, product development and start-up choices.
Year 11 student
I really enjoy Business. It has given me an insight into how businesses work, and the impact they have on individuals and society. I’m also encouraged to think critically and creatively about my work when applying concepts to business theory.
Year 10 student