Careers information

Bedlington Academy offers a comprehensive careers education and guidance to all students through a range of activities in each year group. Our careers support helps to raise students' aspirations as well as build awareness of the possibilities, opportunities and pathways that are available to them once they leave school.

Our Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Lead is Miss Laura Wright.

Please email [email protected] or call 01670 822 625 to get in touch for further information about our Careers Education programme.

The Careers Programme is reviewed termly.

Vision statement 

Our students are ambitious with their career choices and have a clear understanding of how their time in school directly affects their career after.

Vision rationale 

Providing students with outstanding careers guidance is of the utmost importance. It is the key to opening our students’ eyes to the possibilities and opportunities available to them once they leave school. It is our job to raise their social mobility, show them what is out there and guide them towards making good, appropriate education and careers choices that will enable them to have a rewarding career. It is our vision for careers guidance at Bedlington Academy is that all students have access to appropriate and bespoke careers guidance at every stage of their academic career that enables them to successfully access the next stage of their career.

We deliver careers education in a variety of ways to all pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 and beyond to ensure that our young people are making informed and well-supported decisions. Our Tutorial and Personal Development programme encourages our pupils to think about career planning from their earliest time in school and develop a positive approach in everything they do. We are actively involved in a range of projects to enable our young people to understand the breadth of opportunities available to them in their future education and employment, and partner with several organisations that support us in this aspiration.


Progress careers

Bedlington Academy are now in partnership with Progress Careers – an external, independent and impartial careers guidance service. Together we will support you to aim high in your career goals and aspirations. As a team we will support your career development in a number of ways including:  

  • Information and discussion in lessons and assemblies to help you make decisions about your future 
  • Activities and events such as careers fairs 
  • Access to careers advisers in a variety of ways including individual meetings, drop-in sessions, enrichment activities and results days 
  • Careers information  
  • Information and updates on notice boards, plasma screens 

Useful websites


Careers Research: - click on Tools and Resources and then Careers Search. Provides a detailed description of hundreds of job, plus qualifications needed, training routes, skills and qualities for entry. They also have an 'ideas quiz' for career ideas that may suit you. - career info by section, plus personality quiz


Higher Education: - clear articles about different jobs, typical days, entry requirements, pay and the best & worst bits about the job. - find suitable universities and courses. - compare and contrast university data to include student satisfaction, employability figures etc.


Apprenticeships: - live apprenticeship vacancies as well as internships - live apprenticeship vacancies, as well as other post 18 options.


Job Search: - live vacancies, recruitment support and CV matching service. - live vacancies, recruitment support and CV matching service. - live vacancies, recruitment support and CV matching service.


Volunteering and Work Experience: - search for opportunities in your local area - conservation volunteering opportunities - search for volunteering opportunities in your area - search for charity shop volunteering opportunities locally.


Gap Years: - everything you need to know about taking a gap year at home or abroad. - how to plan a year out. Links to 35 of the main gap year organisations. - overseas voluntary projects with a large number of placements worldwide.

The Gatsby benchmarks