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Vision, values and ethos

At Bedlington Academy, our vision is simple and shared by all schools across the North East Learning Trust family. It is that every child experiences excellence every day.

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Our vision

Our vision is that every child experiences excellence every day.

Our values and ethos

At Bedlington Academy we ask three things of our students:

  1. That they endeavour to achieve their full potential.
  2. That they are respectful to staff and other students.
  3. That they try their best to be happy in everything they do.

We believe that if our students do these three things they will succeed not only at school but also in their futures. We also believe that by teaching our students these three core values we are preparing them to be better members of society.

Success is not just measured by exam results. We expect all students to develop their talents and achieve in a myriad of ways throughout their school life. This means that they will develop confidence and self-esteem in gaining success, be it through taking part in school trips and visits, house activities, challenge weeks, school shows and productions, the many school sport and PE activities offered, work experience or other events.

Our aim is also to enable our young people to become responsible learners and caring citizens, who can contribute to our school and the wider community. Our school community is based on the values and attitudes of mutual respect and that all people are of equal worth.

School life at Bedlington Academy is also inclusive, supportive and inspiring in helping young people prepare for their learning journey ahead, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and understanding they will need to be the successful, confident and responsible members of the community and of society as a whole.

Students’ leadership skills are consistently challenged and developed. These leadership skills prepare students exceptionally well for their futures and enable them to make an excellent contribution to the school and the local community.