Physical Education

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education allows students to develop outside of the classroom. Providing opportunities to work with peers in a practical setting and offering the freedom to explore existing and hidden talents. The core PE curriculum allows students to focus on physical, social, cognitive and fitness development through participation in a broad and challenging range of sports and physical activities.

Taught activities include: football, rugby, netball, trampolining, table tennis, badminton, fitness, dance, cricket, athletics, rounders, softball.

Core PE also aims to develop students’ understanding of the benefits of participating in physical activity, including educating them about the importance of being physically active for a sustained period of time. Students are encouraged to be self-motivated and develop key transferrable skills such as resilience, teamwork, communication, leadership and adaptability. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities will also build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. 

Every member of the PE department strives to provide an outstanding PE experience that inspires, challenges and motivates all students, through innovative and passionate practice. We believe that through these experiences students will be determined to be the best they possibly can be. 

The PE department also offers an array of extra-curricular club during lunchtime and after school which either mirror the curriculum or provides opportunities for students to be active when trying new activities. 

I really like sport and it encourages me to be fit and healthy. I really like my PE lessons because they are interesting and enjoyable.
Year 9 student
I love doing team activities and competitions against others. I enjoy the challenge.
Year 9 student