Geography is the study of space and place - exploring the diverse cultures, economies and environments across the globe. The subject of Geography occupies a distinctive place in the world of learning for students at all key stages, highlighting the complex and evolving relationships between humans and nature.

Geography at Bedlington Academy is an immersive experience, exposing students to a wide range of fascinating concepts from the fragility of the Earth's landscape to the growing trends of urbanisation around the world. Our goal is to start students on a journey of discovery of the world and equip them with a wide range of transferrable skills to compliment the academic qualifications they will gain.

Studying Geography at Bedlington Academy helps students to be more socially and environmentally sensitive, better informed about current issues, and more responsible as citizens and students. In the classroom, students will explore the complexities of continents, countries and cities and gain a greater awareness of the captivating world around them.

In addition to a rich, real world relevant curriculum delivered by engaging staff, we provide various opportunities for students to develop their geography outside of the classroom. 

At Key Stage 3, students undertake local fieldwork to explore the factors affecting microclimates.

At Key Stage 4 and 5, students take part in two days of fieldwork at Blyth Beach and Ouseburn as part of their GCSE and A-Level qualifications.

We also run an annual residential field trip to Patterdale in the Lake District each February, which is open to our Year 9 and Year 12 students.

For all year groups, there are opportunities to partake in international fieldwork to Iceland and Sicily (new for 2024).

Curriculum information






Topic 1 Fantastic Places

Travel the world and immerse yourself in its natural wonders, from Svalbard to the Great Barrier Reef.


Topic 2 Migration and Population

8 billion and growing! Study migration patterns around the Globe

Topic 3 Weather and Climate 

Become a meteorologist and learn about weather patterns.


Topic 4 Urban Environments

A city break like no other!

Topic 5 Coasts 

Take a trip to the beach to see the physical processes that operate here.


Topic 6 International Development

Why is it that some countries are rich and others are poor? What can we do?


Topic 1 Geological World (volcanoes) 

Study the monstrous volcanoes that inhabit our planet and the deadly effects they can have.


Topic 2 Climate Change

The biggest issue facing the world right now – what is causing it and what can be done?

Topic 3 Glaciation

Ice, ice and more ice!


Topic 4 Economic Activity

How do we earn money and how has this changed over time?

Topic 5 Evolving Continents 

With a combined population of almost 6 billion people, what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for Asia and Africa? 


Topic 6 Rivers 

Explore the fluvial processes that create fascinating river landscapes


Topic 1 Wonderful Biomes

Journey through the epic ecosystems that exist on our planet.


Topic 2 Resource Conflict and Solutions

Resources… we all need them… but what happens when they run out?

Topic 3 Geological World (earthquakes)

What happens when tectonic plates move?


Topic 4 Dangers in the atmosphere

Discover the effects of the atmosphere on the Earth

Topic 5 Contemporary Urban Issues

Over half of the world’s population lives in cities – what challenges does this create?


Topic 6 A Sustainable World 

How can we make the world more sustainable to ensure future generations have the resources they need?


Paper 2 Topic 2 

Changing economic world

Explore the concept of development and discuss the strategies used by Nigeria and the UK to improve economic development

Paper 1 Topic 3 

Physical landscapes in the UK

Explore the physical processes that occur in the UK’s coastal and river landscapes.

Paper 2 Topic 1 

Urban issues and challenges

Study Lagos and Newcastle as examples of contrasting urban landscapes to uncover the opportunities and challenges for people living there.


Paper 3 Geographical applications

Apply your knowledge of coasts and test out your fieldwork skills at the Beach. 


Paper 2 Topic 3 Resource Management Understand the fundamental aspects of human life: food, water and energy.

Paper 1 Topic 1 Challenge of Natural Hazards

Understand how natural hazards pose a major threat to people and property. 


Paper 3 pre-release preparation

Decision-making on topical issues. 

Paper 1 Topic 2

The Living World

Explore the biotic and abiotic features that make up our planet and their relationship with humans.


Geography is an intriguing and ever-expanding field that provides many research and observational skills as well as knowledge that I know I’ll use for the rest of my life.
Year 12 student
Geography has given me so many skills which I can use in all my lessons, it helps me to have a realistic view of the natural world.
Year 11 student