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Reading, writing and spoken language is vital for students’ success. At Bedlington Academy, there is an emphasis on the importance of improving reading standards in order to ensure future academic achievement, wellbeing and success in life. We recognise that this may present challenges as this is often an overwhelmingly large part of your child’s education; all we ask is that you support and encourage your child’s reading journey.

In order to help you further support your child with this at home, we have supplied:

  • A reading list that may guide your child’s next book selection and support their learning within school.
  • A reading newsletter which offers tips from the EEF for reading at home.
  • A reading challenge where your child can be praised for reading for pleasure and enter into a competition.
  • And a helpful ‘how to’ guide on how to access the online library ‘BorrowBox’. This will allow access to thousands of free online books and audiobooks on all platforms.